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Mark Rice ricemark20 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 09:29:11 UTC 2021

My vote is for the new music, keeping the text2speech.   It would be nice to keep the old music, though somewhat quieter, as an option.  

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>Today's Topics:
>   1. Theme - was "Possible cause and solution to subscriber
>      attrition(trying again without encryption)" (Ken Fallon)
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>Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 18:14:44 +0100
>From: Ken Fallon <ken at fallon.ie>
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>Subject: [Hpr] Theme - was "Possible cause and solution to subscriber
>	attrition(trying again without encryption)"
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>On 2021-10-28 14:22:04, Ken Fallon wrote:
>> On 2021-10-27 20:03:47, dnt wrote:
>>> Hi, this lurker would like to come out of the woodwork and say that 
>>> the discussion started from a perceived concern about a plateau in 
>>> subscribers and one of the defining things about HPR, it seems to me, 
>>> is its focus on attracting contributors, rather than listeners. 
>>> Therefore, I think it would be very important to retain the outro, 
>>> specifically the part about "this episode was contributed by an HPR 
>>> listener like yourself, if you want to find out how easy it really is" 
>>> etc. Apparently not easy enough for me! But still, I find it important 
>>> for the invitation to be there in case someone is tuning in for the 
>>> first time, and for someone who has been tuning in for a while and 
>>> still hasn't converted, it's a welcome reminder.
>>> -dnt
>> Valid point - as is the show license declaration.
>We have recorded a show to read out all these comments, so that the 
>community as a whole can come with feedback.
>The show itself
>It includes a first attempt at new branding based on the comments here 
>and on the HPR Matrix channel.
>This is to give it an airing and see what people think. It's open to 
>change resulting from the feedback.
>The general layout would be to use a shorter quieter theme for the intro 
>and outro. This is approximately 1 minute 10 seconds in total to the 
>show itself, shaving about 1? minutes off the current branding.
>The computer text to speech (although hated by some) was liked by more. 
>So for this test we're going to keep it as a voice over on the intro. 
>The outro is much reduced and has the addition of thanking the sponsors. 
>We'll rerecord it once it's agreed what the final format is.
>Show hpr3461 was edited manually while show hpr3463 has been done 
>An attempt has been made to tackle the loudness but I'm still looking 
>for how to run an audacity filter via the cli.
>Please tell us what you think.
>Ken Fallon (PA7KEN,G5KEN)
>Subject: Digest Footer
>Hpr mailing list
>Hpr at hackerpublicradio.org
>End of Hpr Digest, Vol 158, Issue 2

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